Some Emerging Guidelines On Elementary Plans Of Acupuncture And Knee Pain Bristol


Talking in medical terms, it is a technique where thin needles are inserted into the skin in strategic points to stimulate nerves , muscles and connective tissues , releasing the body's natural pain killers to work their magic. According to a study by University of York in UK, acupuncture can boost the effectiveness of standard medical care, reducing the severity of chronic pain and depression . The researchers showed that there is significant evidence to demonstrate that acupuncture provides more than a placebo effect. They brought together the results of 29 high quality clinical trials focused on patients treated with acupuncture and standard medical care. In the majority of these trials, patients with chronic pain treated with acupuncture and standard medical care were tested against those who were provided with standard medical care alone, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. acupuncture for depressionThe trials involved about 18,000 patients diagnosed with chronic pain of the neck, lower back, head, and knee. The report shows that the addition of acupuncture compared to standard medical care alone significantly reduced the number of headaches and migraine attacks and reduced the severity of neck and lower back pain. It also showed that acupuncture reduced the pain and disability of osteoarthritis, which led to patients being less reliant on anti-inflammatory tablets to control pain. The study also concluded that acupuncture is cost effective. image source"Approximately four million acupuncture treatments are provided a year in the UK, but the evidence to show how clinically effective this form of treatment is has been limited," said Hugh MacPherson, professor at the University of York. The team also conducted a new clinical trial for depression, where acupuncture or counselling was provided and compared to the effectiveness of medication, such as antidepressants.

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